Terea Black Purpal Menthol for iqos iluma


Flavor Menthol reinforced flavor of “TEREA Purple Menthol”, which is the most popular menthol type. The sucking response is a middle body similar to general flavor menthol. Although it has a tobacco-like sucking taste, it has a refreshing flavor of menthol and a wet fruity feeling of berries, and it feels gentler than the regular type straight taste. Of menthol and berry, the former is stronger, especially the exhilaration that comes out of the nose is volumey. You can feel the same nuance as the vivid menthol feeling of “TEREA Black Menthol”. Berry is a ripe cassis character, but with the exhilaration of menthol, it is also lush and you can feel the nuances of blueberries. Recommended for those who like belief flavor and want more exhilaration.

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