New IQOS Iluma Prime


Product Features:

Low-profile, ergonomically designed for comfort

    • Integrated with a travel lock

    • Built for your modern lifestyle

    • Design to fit in with your active lifestyle

    • Sleek, streamlined design that is fashionable and inconspicuous.

    • Not bulky or heavy, so it can be carried around effortlessly.

    • Flame-free technology that releases a tobacco-free vapor which is 95% less harmful than cigarettes.

    • The latest and greatest in the tobacco industry, IQOS Iluma is sleek and stylish.

    • With a simple and easy to use design, it’s perfect for people who want something as low-maintenance as possible.

    • It can fit into any modern setting, be it at work or on the go.

The package includes:

Package included: 1 x E-cigarette Protective Case Other items not included

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